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by Wild Pink

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Fleeced on a lark Walked around the subdivision after dark All the blank spots left a mark You were macabre With Weegee prints pinned up in your car You had a psyche class by the quad Staring at the smoky steam Swirl around the bathroom light You said that there’s a nursery Where all the stars came to life Childhood fantasies About dying bravely Working out all the daydreams Didn’t know it was a muscle that would atrophy It’s not what you do, it’s what you do without It’s not how hard you tried, it’s what you’re all about When you go it’s a tragedy A quiet moment by the maple tree It’s orange light through the canopy It’s dewy grass in the morning It’s breaking up on the re-entry 40 miles above the sea Burned to crisp in ecstasy When I go it’s probably nothing It’s chasing joy of discovery The frothy piss on the city street Stealing sweet from Sugaree Where the teachers smoke behind the cedar trees Arms up in a V Laughing at the sun like a Malick scene Melt together like snow in a pool Dreaming dreams so sweet they’re cruel Vacuum the desert sand for eternity Nothing unforgiving like Sunday morning
Hold My Hand 05:01
Moonless night like a dreamless sleep I was lost like a ring of keys But you were there like light in the morning You brought the birds back with a song in my tree Wherever I go when I go down Will you be there when I come around again? To hold my hand Hold my hand When it’s late at night and I don’t understand Everything that’s happened to me And my rotten mind is quietly tense Like a deer underneath the apple tree Just lay right here with me Because I love you so much, my friend Wherever we go when we go for good Do you think we really meet again like we hoped we would? Just hold my hand Hold my hand
Hell Is Cold 02:38
I used to hear evil voices Laughing my name just out of sight I thought my place was haunted Or leaking gas at night I was more romantic then The avenue was wide as a glen Now everything I’ve lost I visit from my bed And the voices carry on They echo in my head If you were ever wrong You are wrong for good Flushing coke with a neti pot I deeply understood: I know I’ll be free when I die
ILYSM 06:19
I was home alone Just me and the moon But I could hear the piano in the other room I love you so much Later that night Asleep in my bed All the sheets were pulled off me I had to lift my head You were sitting there Just staring at me I reached out my hand to touch you And it went right through I love you so much You left when I fell asleep but I woke up And I watched you from my window as you walked across the field You disappeared under a Catalpa tree And you moved just like smoke from wet wood With dandelion seeds falling all around you just like summer snow I love you so much
The sky was pink and blown with sand By the stacked up shipping containers where the cruise ships land She was down in the palm tree land In the water where it all slipped through her hands The tables they did turn though And sent her crawling home Life had other plans than her own It’s a long way down When your feet have never touched the ground 90 down 95 With the heat on, the windows down and her hair blown around Foxglove stems on the dash Sold everything for a little cash So just run away You can make it if you leave now Drive all the way through the night It was a bullshit hand Just let it all burn down Cigarettes from the bar Gum in the ashtray mason jar Wishes queued for a shooting star From the hotel parking lot in her car So just run away Live to see another day Drive all the way through the night It’s a long way home When you’ve always been on your own Just run away You can make it if you leave now Drive all the way through the night It was a bullshit hand Just let it all burn down Just run away
Made my way through the field And the grass was cold beneath my feet Full moon hung low like a sheet And the miracle was there in front of me I was blissful in a free fall I was floating perfectly I didn’t want to come down Wasn’t ready to leave You are 10 feet tall Hovering above my car You are Jesus and Dracula You are around my neck like a scapular You came down, down to me You came and changed it all I was blissful in a free fall I was floating perfectly I didn’t want to come down I wasn’t ready to leave My angel in a free fall My miracle, my miracle I was begging please don’t leave I love you so much
Hospital bracelet And a thin gold chain Swimming out to sea But it’s hard to explain Not hard to understand By quitting thinking And swimming away from land Sleep with a white noise machine Because this house is too noisy at night This pressure’s gonna get me It’s gonna get me this time Fall in Virginia When I was a kid Was haunted in a good way It made my heart ache Did you have that feeling too? When you were running and fighting Technically, you died when the shell hit You were brought back to life by a medic in the basement That was Sarajevo It wasn’t that long ago Stay in the ocean because it’s just me And the big moon rowing across the sky Time is always moving to the right And measured in things like tumor markers Don’t you let me sleep in
Hanging out with locals Q’s just like Bourdain Bought the drugs right through the chain link fence Found a new kind of blowhole Instantaneous brain death Just like turning off a tv set A barrel of culls can still make a good batch But just like a bored kid picking at scabs It’s useless as a vacuum in the desert This hallway is getting narrower This hallway is getting narrower and narrower and narrower I’m not supposed to be here I’m just showing up every day like Cal Ripken, Jr.
When you were young you traced with a sharpie The WWF logo in the corner of your tv Making whole worlds From the misheard words Of all the songs you loved But never bothered to learn I see you See you better now The tall grass in the wind Waves like water The waxy blades on the dune Sound like laughter I’m standing in the surf Just watching this bird Gliding through the barrel Of a wave that could kill her Now I see you See you better now I feel you In the golden hour sky Yeah I feel you In the starry night Now I see you See you better now
No good sleeping in the bed I make Rare birds mated for life True love, singing: “Fuck the world” Come back down You passed away In an old folk’s home You were alone when my mom said bye on the phone You were a lone wolf out in the Rockies Way out there Way up high You slowed down Come back down
Great big dead elm With golden oysters blooming like hell The kids get the saint While I get the drunk The universe is offensive and filled with junk Casco Bay is just behind the tall grass We slept on the beach Until the tide drove us back The bon vivant with cancer had a lot to say That from the pram to the pine box There’s a whole lot of weight And we all try To keep our loved ones calm When they’re a dog that heard thunder Shaking in a crate So let me live Just don’t let me live here alone with this miserable guy Great big dead elm Standing up broken, a barkless shell Now is not for the faint of heart They’ll put you on a shelf If you can’t just shut the fuck and be alone with yourself But with the joy of discovery comes a feeling that you can’t beat You can still be sweet, you can still be sweet And with the favor that was curried, will the ketchup be unmarried? I was a dead elm but I don’t know now I wanna live here
ICLYM 05:18
Outrunning the blues so now I’m never bored I left the keys in the driver side door And there’s nobody home but I heard a fork drop in the sink But this place is totally, completely empty So I just need to act like the person I want to be Because your thinking creates your reality I used to feel everything intensely And I still do sometimes but honestly it’s only when the mood strikes me It’s strange to move on and still miss things Like the view of the moon from my room And the sight of you walking away up the avenue And everything I thought was important but isn’t anymore after the year I went through I couldn’t love you more


released October 14, 2022

Songs written and produced by John Ross
Engineered, mixed and co-produced by Justin Pizzoferrato
Co-produced by Peter Silberman
Additional engineering by Nicholas Principe at People Teeth
Mastered by Carl Saff

John Ross: Vocals, Guitars and Keys
Dan Keegan: Drums and Percussion
Arden Yonkers: Bass and Keys
David Moore: Piano, Banjo and Farfisa
Jeremy Viner: Saxophone and Clarinet
Peter Silberman: Vocals, Guitars and Keys
Mike ‘Slo Mo’ Brenner: Pedal Steel
Julien Baker: Vocals on “Hold My Hand”
Samantha Crain: Vocals on “St. Beater Camry”
J Mascis: Guitar on “See You Better Now”
Julia Steiner: Vocals on “ILYSM” and “See You Better Now”
Ryley Walker: Guitar on “Simple Glyphs”
Yasmin Williams: Guitar on “The Grass Widow In The Glass Window”


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Wild Pink New York, New York


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